When all you have is the shirt

January 25, 2012 by Faye   Comments (0)


If you are walking down a road with what you can carry your back it's no time for stilettos.  

Saute an onion in olive oil.  Drop in a sprig of thyme, a sprig of parsley, an inch of orange zest and a clove.  Season with sea salt

and a grind of pepper until you can taste the onion.  Until the onion steps up to meet you.

Add a peeled chopped potato and let it stick to the pot. 

Add a few peeled chopped beets and give them a stir.  If you have a chicken stock use that.  If you don't, add water just to cover.

Let it simmer until everything is tender and together.  Taste it again for salt and pepper.

If you want to change into your heels, give it spoon of something creamy like creme fraiche to sit on the top with a crouton.   

Or keep your boots on and serve a slab of ricotta salata on the side w/green olives, planks of orange, red onion and bitter lettuce.

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