My Grandmother's Cheesecake


Wonderful. Both the cheesecake and the hair looks great. 

Mary Mathai 574 days ago

...cheesecake looks yummy. Your hair looks great! The other day..funny, I looked at olive oil and thought to myself "wouldn't this make a great moisturizer was thinking skin but hair sounds good too!

Anne R. 573 days ago

thank you both.  And Anne you're not going to believe this, or maybe you will :) the olive oil is all I use as a moisturizer. xo


Faye Hess 573 days ago

Looks great and sounds so easy... how long at 350?  I have a tendency to overcook cheesecake.

Jessica Lee 573 days ago

leave it in for about half an hour and then check it. It will probably have to go longer but depends on the oven.  Keep checking every 5-10 min and just be sure it still has wiggle in the middle like in the video. xo


Faye Hess 572 days ago

That might have been the most awesome how-to vid I've ever seen <3

Easy method + great tune + dance + olive oil = win!

I'm amazed that the sour cream on top sets up so well. I guess it's because the baking just evaporates the moisture, making it more dense!  Well done. Now I want cheesecake :)  Whose Mom was the cheesecake and sugar fan, btw, your Mom's or your Dad's? 

Chef_Mariana 401 days ago

All these utensils and I still don't know how to do it

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